Diagnostic Services

Founded in 1969, the Diagnostic Center of the Learning Services of American International College provides diagnostic services to children, adolescents, and adults, with a focus on providing assessment and evaluation for individuals experiencing academic, literacy, and social learning difficulties.

Assessment Model

We are committed to a collaborative model of assessment and intervention, with a primary focus on the development of oral- and written-language skills in all contexts. Our expert, professional staff works together to develop a single comprehensive written report detailing specific recommendations tailored to the client’s academic and social needs.

We customize our evaluation to the needs of the individual to assesses the following components:

  • Cognitive and executive functioning
  • Academic achievement, with a focus on literacy skills
  • Speech and language development


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Assessment Process

  1. Parent/Guardian Interview
    Initially, the parent/guardian (or the adult client) is given a take-home questionnaire and asked to submit academic records for review. If applicable, contact is made with the individual’s teacher to acquire information on how the student is functioning in the classroom, and an observation is scheduled, if necessary. An interview is arranged with the parent/guardian or adult client to review developmental and academic histories, the presenting problems, and the primary questions to be addressed by the assessment.
  2. Student Testing
    After the paperwork is completed, sessions for testing are scheduled – often three half-days. From these sessions, our assessment data is analyzed and a report is written. This report delineates specific, well-researched recommendations.
  3. Parent/Guardian Debrief
    Finally, following completion of the written report, the diagnostic team meets with the client, parents/guardians, and/or a school representative, if desired. This session is to summarize the assessment results and recommendations and answer any questions.

Costs and Fees

The fee for a comprehensive evaluation for 2014-15 is set at $2,200.


The Learning Services of American International College is located on the campus of American International College.


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