Collegiate Disability and Supportive Learning Services

Supportive Learning Services (SLS) has been an integral part of the American International College campus since 1977. Our staff recognizes that everyone learns differently and serves students as individuals with customized approaches and plans specific to their learning styles. We value our students’ individual strengths above all things and truly believe they can achieve their dreams if given the right tools.

This fee-based program provides the required tools, along with ongoing support and encouragement in the form of regular, individualized professional tutoring and academic coaching, group study sessions facilitated by professional educators, and skill-based workshops. SLS tutors work closely with college faculty and staff using a proactive advising model to support students. Assistance is available to each student in the program for the duration of his or her college career.

Our expert staff reviews each student’s documentation and gets to know them through a personal interview. Our tutors then work creatively to find the best way to help them improve vital academic skills like:

  • Goal setting
  • Organization and planning
  • Note taking
  • Time management
  • Study skills, like volume reading and writing
  • Test taking

In addition to helping build academic skills, SLS staff can help students develop and practice self-advocacy skills and explore technologies that support academic success.

Collegiate Disability Services (CDS), housed with SLS, ensures that all qualified students with disabilities receive accommodations & services that support an accessible, equitable, and inclusive learning and living environment at American International College. CDS staff works closely with Academics and Student Life to reduce or eliminate any disadvantages that may occur as a result of an individual’s disability.

The Learning Services of American International College

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